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Grace Albee (1890-1966) Return

Born in Scituate, Rhode Island , attended The Rhode Island School of Design and learned wood engraving with Paul Bonnet in Paris. Her work can be found in the Carnegie Institute, the Library of Congress and the Boston Public Library.

John Taylor Arms (1887-1953) Return

Born in Washington D.C., Arms studied under Ross Turner and D.A. Gregg. Known for his intricate display of architecture, his works are carried in most major museums, including the Library of Congress, the Fogg, the Metropolitan and British Museums.

Mario Avati (1921-) Return

Born in Monaco, his work is represented in major collections in the U.S. and abroad including the Bibliotheque National, Paris; Museum of Tokyo, Japan; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the Library of Congress; the Princeton University Collection; the Rockefeller Collection and many others.

Cornelius Botke (1887-1954) Return

Born in Holland, Botke studied at the Graduate School of Applied Art in Haarlem. He came to the United States in 1906. He is represented by paintings and etchings in most major galleries and collections and also has an impressive list of awards in both mediums.

Andrew Butler (1896-) Return

A native of Yonkers N.Y. Butler is know for his paintings and etchings of the countryside. He was educated at the National Academy of Design and the Art Student's League, where his teachers were Frank Du Mond, Eugene Speicher and luis Mora. He later returned to the League to study etching with Joseph Pennell.

Lyman Byxbe (1887-1966 ) Return

Byxbe a well known Colorado resident, lived and worked for many years in Estes Park, Colorado. He is famous for his beautiful graphic renderings of Rocky Mountain National Park. Byxbe was a member of the Chicago Society of Etchers, he also exhibited with the Society of American Etchers,Chicago Society of Etchers, International Print Makers, Northwest Print Makers, Kansas City art Institute, the Library of Congress. Byxbe's works are held in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress.

Malcolm Cameron (1902- ) Return

Born in Redlands California, Cameron studied architecture at Cornell University. Cameron illustrated books such as "Penguin Island" by Anatole France and "Notre Dame de Paris" by Victor Hugo. He is the receipient of numerous awards and is represented in many major collections.

Charles Capps (1898-1981) Return

Born in Jacksonville, Illinois, Capps studied at both the Chicago and Pennsylvania Academies of Fine Art. His work can be found in the Swedish National Museum, the Philbrook Art Center and the Carnegie Institute. He was awarded prizes by the Library of Congress in 1941 and 1948.

Federico Castellon (1914-1971) Return

Born in Almeria, Spain, this surrealist artist's work is found in the Whitney, Brooklyn and Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection and the Library of Congress. His work has been exhibited at Swarthmore College, Mills College and the Museum of Modern Art. He was made a Guggenheim Fellow in 1940 and 1950. Castellon illustrated many books, including "Shenandoah" and "I Went into the Country".

F. Tolles Chamberlain (1873- ?) Return

Born in San Fransico, he studied drawing under Dwight W. Tryon and later under George DeForest Brush and George Bridgman in New York. His awards include first place in the national painting competition for the Prix de Rome, as well as the 1913 Avery prize for sculptural composition. He was an instructor at the School of Architecture of Columbia University and at the Beaux Arts Institute of Design in New York.

Asa Cheffetz (1897-1965) Return

Born in Buffalo, Cheffetz's works are displayed in the Smithsonian, the Baltimore Museum, the Library of Congress and the American Antiquarian Society. He has exhibited at the Royal Academy ,the Victoria and Albert in London. Cheffetz was awarded many prizes during his lifetime, including at the century of Progress Exposition in Chicago, 1934, the Eyre Gold Medal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Konstantin Chmultin (1953 - ) Return

Born in Leningrad, his works have been shown internationally in Russia, Scotland, Ireland and in cities throughout the United States. Along with solo shows, his work has been included in international group exhibitions and juried shows, where he has been the recipient of numerous awards.

John Depol (1913-) Return

Born in New York, Depol studied at the Art Students League in New York. He then attended the School of Technology in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was not until 1947 that he began to teach himself the art for which he was to become famous--that of wood-engraving. His work is displayed in the Library of Congress and the Metropolitan. He was awarded the Arms Prize in 1968.

Boyd Hanna (1907-1987) Return

Born in Irwin, Pennsylvania, Hanna studied at Carnegie Mellon University. His work is displayed in the Metropolitian, the Library of Congress, and the Boston and New York Public Libraries. His illustrated books include Leaves of Grass and Longfellow's Poems.

Arthur W. Heintzelman (1890-1965) Return

Born in Newark, Heintzelman studied art the Rhode Island School of Design. He became curator of prints at the Boston Public Library and was a member of the National Academy of Design. His work is found in the Corcoran, and the Metropolitan Museums, the Bibliotheque Nationale, and the Victoria and Albert. Included in his many awards is the Gold Medal of the Paris International Exhibition(1937-1938)

Clifton Karhu (1926 -) Return

Clifton Karhu is perhaps the most famous living Japanese woodblock artist of western decent. Michael Armacost, Former US ambassador toJapan, said, “Clifton Karhu has, for many years, been a one man symbol of friendship between the Untied States and Japan.” Carhu’s colorful images of Japan, mostly of Kyoto where he lives, are lyrical designs celebrating the beauty and wonder of Japan through the eyes of a westerner. He instinctively captures the tranquil scenery around him and lets the viewer experience the magic of Japan.

Kaoru Kawano (1916-1965) Return

Born in Otaru in Hokkaido. Kaoru studied at Kawabata Art School. He exhibited with Nihon Hanga Kyokai in 1944, but was soon taken prisoner of war in Siberia. He resumed exhibiting with Nihon Hanga Kyokai in 1949; member from 1954. Resumed exhibiting with Kokugakai in 1952; member from 1961. Moved to Tokyo in 1958. Participated in international competitions and solo exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, Seattle, Chicago and elsewhere. Works include many highly textured abstract representations of children.

Robert Kipness ( ) Return

Born in New York City and studied at the Art Students League, received his MFA from the University of Iowa. He has been awarded over a dozen major prizes and has shown extensively over the past 40 years here and abroad. His works can be found in the Whitney Museum of American Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Philadelphia and Boston Museums of Fine Art.

Gene Kloss (1903-1996) Return

Born in Oakland, California, she studied at the California School of fine Arts. Her work can be found in the Metropolitan, the Smithsonian and the Tokyo Museum. In 1953 the Library of Congress gave her the Purchase Award.

Luigi Lucioni (1900-1988) Return

Born in Malnate, Italy, Lucioni studied at the National Academy of Design. His works are displayed in the Whitney, the Metropolitan, and Brooklyn Museums. Also, in the Library of Congress, the Victoria and Albert and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. His exhibitions include, the Venice Biennale and the Corcoran. he has recieved awards from the Carnegie Institute and the National Academy of Design.

Clare Leighton (1901-1989) Return

Born in London, Leighton Sudied at the Slade and came to America in the 1940's. Her work is displayed in the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert, and the Metropolitan. She is also know for her work in stained glass which she has designed for cathedrals and mosiaics for convents.

Thomas Nason (1889-1971) Return

Born in Dracut, Masachusetts, He is a receipient of the of the John Taylor Arms Prize (1935). His work can be found in the Boston and New York Public Libraries, the Smithsonian, the Whitney and the Bibliotheque Nationale.

Leon Pescheret (1892-1961) Return

Pescheret was an American artist widely known for his graphic work. Pescheret studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and The Royal College of Engraving in England. During his career, Pescheret exhibited at the Chicago Society of Etchers, Southern Print Maker's Society, and elsewhere. His works can be found in permanent collections, both in America and Europe. Pescheret was a member of The Society of American Etchers and Chicago Society of Etchers.

Ernest David Roth (1879-1964) Return

Born in Sturrgart, Roth studied under James D. Smillie in New York City. His many prizes include a silver medal at the Panama-Pacific Exposition (1915) and at the Salmagundi Club in 1917 and 1918. Roth's work is displayed at the Uffizi Gallery, The Library of Congress, the Boston Museum of Fine Art and the New York Public Library.

Georges Schreiber (1904-1977)

Born in Belgium, Schreiber has been the winner of numerous awards including the Tuthill Prize of the International Exhibition of Water Colors at the Chicago Art Institute in 1932. His works are included in the collections of the Whitney Museum, the Metropolitan Museum, Syracuse Museum, Brooklyn Museum and Museum of the City of New York.

Carl Schultheiss (1885-1961) Return

Born in Nuremburg, Germany, Schultheiss studied at the school of Arts and Crafts as well as the Royal Academy of Munich (1910). His work is represented in the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library. His prizes include the Talcott (1940) The Library of Congress Pennell Purchase Prize (1943, 1944, 1945,) and the John Taylor Arms Prize (1943, 1944).

James Swann (1905-1985) Return

Born near Merkel, Texas, Swann studied at Sul Ross College. In 1935 he apprenticed himself to the Chicago printmaker Morris Henry Hobbs. Swann exhibited widely over his career. In 1937 he won a bronze medal at the Paris International Exposition for his pencil drawing Illinois Farm. The list of his other exhibitions is lengthy and includes most of the major museums and library galleries in the United states, including the Library of Congress.

Leticia Tarrago (1940 -) Return

Born in Orizaba, Veracruz, Ms. Tarrago studied at La Esmeraida in Mexico City, where at the age of fourteen she won first prize in the annual student competition staged by the National Institute of Fine Arts. In 1957 Ms.Trrago won first prize when KLM Airlines held a twelve- country competition called "This is my country". With scholarships, she traveled to Europe, studying in Warsaw, Poland with leading Polish graphic artists, and in Holland with a group of Dutch engravers. In 1967, Ms. Tarrago won the coveted award for engraving given by the National Institute of Fine Arts and presented personally by Mexico's Secretary of  Education. Her work has appeared throughtout the Americas and is now in several permanent collections in Europe and the United States.

Reynold Weidenaar (1915-1985) Return

Born in Grand Rapids, Weidenaar studied at the Kansas City Art Institute. His work is represented at the Wadsworth Atheneum, the Libarary of Congress, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. In 1950 the Society of American Etchers awarded him the John Taylor Arms Prize. Weidenaar, is recognized as one of this centuries foremost promoters of mezzotint.

Stow Wengenroth (1906-1978) Return

Born in NewYork City, Wengenroth studied at the Art Students League. His work can be found in the Whitney, the Fogg and the Library of Congress. He won the John Taylor Arms Prize (1955) and the National Academy of Design Medal (1968).