The Artist Proofs were prints that were given to the artist upon the publishing of their artwork. The artist proof and the regular edition images are exactly the same. The only difference will be in the signature where the designation AP (Artist Proof) will be written in pencil next to the artist's name. An artist proof is considered the artist's personal property and at one time the artist's proofs were given to the artist as payment for the signing of the edition. The normal number of artist's proofs is 10% of the total edition size. In some cases (usually prints purchased for stock from the publisher) it may be higher. The artist's proofs are signed by the artist and numbered showing the quantity of artists proofs available. Because of their restricted number artist's proofs are sold at a higher price. In today's market, as the artists are paid a signing fee, the publisher keeps a percentage of the artist's proofs for resale.

When the edition is sold out and a secondary market value is realized, an artist's proof usually will go up in value at a greater percentage rate than the limited edition. Artist's proofs tend to sell out well before the complete edition and the secondary market value usually increases well before the edition is sold out.

Apart from inflation it is not guaranteed that the artist proof will go up in value.  If the artwork is being purchased purely for your own personal pleasure and not with a view to investment, or serious collecting, we would recommend the signed limited edition print or canvas

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